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 Hard Drive Repair

A hard drive is a series of spinning metal disks which allows users to save or store information on a computer. It is considered the secondary memory of a computer, with a computer's random access memory (RAM) being the primary memory. The hard drive is the component where data is saved, even after a computer is powered off.

The hard drive allows a computer to start or "boot up." The operating system, such as Windows or Linux, is stored on the hard disk and launched when the computer is turned on. Without a hard drive, the computer would be unable to retain any information.

A hard drive is the "memory" of a computer. Its an important component as it facilitates the basic functionality of a computer (such as launching an internet browser or word-processing application). Because there are size limitations to the hard drive, external hard drives can be added to a computer to increase the space where files and applications can be stored.

The majority of this irreplaceable data is stored on the computer’s hard drive, which, as a magnetic storage medium, is susceptible to failure. While there are many services available to repair a hard drive and retrieve the information contained on it, the costs can be prohibitive, and few people can justify spending that amount of money for a few personal files. Fortunately, there are a few ways that Computer Repair Unlimited can repair a hard drive and retrieve lost data. The method used will depend on whether the problem lies in the file system of the drive, the drive electronics or the mechanical structures of the disk.

Laptop Screen Repair

Computer Repair Unlimited is a company specializing in replacement LCDs for most major laptop brands, It also offers improved high-gloss screens for some laptop models. If you've dropped your laptop—or dropped something on it—and the screen has fractured, the diagnosis is easy. The good news is that these boards are available for well under $100. If replacing the inverter doesn't solve the problem, the backlight itself may be faulty. If that's the case, replacing the LCD should fix your problem.

If you see gibberish, lines, or a solid color on the screen, connect an external monitor and switch to that display (if you can). If the problem is evident on the external monitor, the issue is likely with your laptop's motherboard or video circuitry, not the display. If the external display works properly, the LCD or the cables leading to it are the likely problem.

Computer Repair Unlimited will diagnose the problem to resolve your display problem. Since manufacturers sometimes use different screens for variants of the same laptop model, we will ensure that you get the proper replacement screen for your laptop. 

Virus and Spyware Removal

Computer Repair Unlimited utilizes a complex process to ensure virus removal. We have successfully removed many viruses, spyware and malware, including BankerFox, Conficker, Rapid AntiVirus, Koobface, Anti-Spyware 2012, Anti-Virus 2012, Zlob, Vundo, Virtumonde, WildTangent, and more. If your computer is infected with a virus, you'll want to remove it as quickly as possible to increase chances of retrieving valuable data. If you operate a Windows based PC and regularly surf the Internet, it is likely that at some point your computer will get infected with a virus, malware, spyware or some type of malicious file. Although there are numerous commercial malware removal programs for sale, your first option should be to attempt to fix the problem using free software provided by Microsoft.

Did you know that many computers running Microsoft Windows are infected with viruses or spyware? Similarly Apple computers are experiencing malware attacks. Infected computers can risk your sensitive information and cause damage to other computers. Viruses can also spread over networks, through storage devices and over e-mail. This can cause problems for your friends, family and co-workers. Viruses and spyware can compromise all the data that is stored your computer, potentially siphoning credit card numbers, passwords and other sensitive information to be leaked out on to the Internet. This can lead to identity theft, fraud and other problems that no computer user deserves to experience. Improper virus removal can lead to reinfection, data corruption or other problems.  


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Power Supply Replacement 

Don’t ever open your computer’s power supply or try to fix it yourself. Remember replace, don’t try to repair. The power supply stores powerful jolts of electricity, even when the computer is turned off and unplugged. Power supplies are safe until you start poking around inside them. 

Computer Repair Unlimited will diagnose your power supply dilemma and provide the best option for you to proceed with optimal performance. We will repair your non-working power supply with a comparable or superior model to satisfy the customer's goals and budgetary concerns.  


I use the latest diagnostic trends to troubleshoot your computer in order to locate and solve the problem at affordable prices. I offer cost estimates and options for reasonable upgrades to satisfy your computer needs. Further, My training offerings include preventative maintenance to keep your computer system in working order.    

DC Jack Repair

How to tell if your laptop needs DC Jack Repair? Basically, if your laptop battery is not charging anymore, you have to readjust the plug and dc connector to make the system work because the piece inside is loose, the screen flickers, then it is probably the dc power jack issue. If the laptop is at the point where it does not power up anymore it is possible that the jack is completely broken. First, a professional technician will complete diagnostics to determine the extent of the problem. Once it is determined that a replacement DC Jack is needed. The laptop will be completely disassembled. A replacement DC Power Jack will be installed (in some models to the laptop’s motherboard), the new power jack will be attached to the motherboard. After the laptop is reassembled, it will be tested to make sure everything works and everything was connected properly.

Consulting Services

Computer Repair Unlimited offers consulting service to cover those situations where what is needed is a one-time setup; or advice about the best way to proceed, we offer that. For instance, should you use Excel or Access or some specialized data base program? Or once a complicated Excel sheet is set up for you, you will then be able to maintain it. 

In addition one-on-one training can help get a beginning computer user comfortable with working on the computer. If your studying computer science its important for a qualified computer specialist to reinforce your understanding of the terminology and applicants for efficient computer usage. Or a user can get specific help on how to do a more complicated procedure, like master a merge or do Excel functions or charts. Computer Repair Unlimited trains utilizes the step-by-step hands-on learning approach, for visual learners or others who benefit from a structured method of learning. Our classes cover selected features that seem to be the most useful for everyone.

Data Recovery Services

Computer Repair Unlimited can help to comprehensively protect your computer from viruses, spyware, trojans and other undesirable programs using our unique risk reducing approach. Most computers are using vulnerable applications, anti-virus software and even have security issues with their operating system configuration. 

We examine the threats that are present and provide a thorough approach to securing your system from the growing security threats online and offline. During the pickup and return services we will also provide a free consultation about what we've done and how to prevent future viruses infections on your computer. Computer Repair Unlimited will address your vulnerabilities with an approach that keeps your information safe. Deep scans and manual removal allows us to delete the unauthorized programs you know of and all those that you don't know about.